February 14, 2024

2022 Fair Housing Proclamation Ceremony

2022 Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity Annual Proclamation & Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity hosted our Annual Proclamation & Awards Ceremony at the Capitol. Governor Brian P. Kemp proclaimed April as Fair Housing & Equal Employment month for the State of Georgia. In addition, each year, GCEO and the Governor present the Equal Opportunity Award to a Georgia leader who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to confront and eliminate discrimination in the equal employment and fair housing sectors. During the ceremony, Governor Kemp and Executive Director Allona Lane Cross presented two awards to leaders who have valiantly served in the areas of equal employment and fair housing.

Terrie Dandy, the Equal Opportunity Award winner for Equal Employment

Terrie Dandy was awarded the 2022 GCEO Equal Opportunity Award for Equal Employment. Ms. Dandy serves as the Outreach & Education Program Manager for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Atlanta District Office, where she manages the district’s outreach, training, and public affairs programs in the State of Georgia and parts of South Carolina. Prior to joining the EEOC Atlanta District Office, she worked in EEOC Headquarters in Washington, DC, where she served as management advisor/special assistant to two Chairpersons of the EEOC.

Elizabeth J. Appley, Esq. ,the Equal Opportunity Award winner for Fair Housing

Elizabeth J. Appley, Esq. was awarded the 2022 GCEO Equal Opportunity Award for Fair Housing. Ms. Appley is an experienced attorney and public policy advocate who engages in private practice in Atlanta, providing arbitration, mediation, litigation, and lobbying services. Elizabeth has worked on housing, homelessness, healthcare, education, employment, economic justice, disability rights, and social service issues at the state and federal levels in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. Throughout her professional life she has worked to open doors, expand opportunities, and fight discrimination based on gender, race, disability, age, and national origin.