November 16, 2020

Governor Kemp Appoints New GCEO Board Members

Governor Brian P. Kemp announced six new appointees to serve on the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity's (GCEO) Advisory Board. In addition, Governor Kemp reappointed three current GCEO Board members.

The following Commissioners were appointed in October and November 2020: 

  • Shawnzia Thomas
  • Karen Johnston, Esq.
  • Ashoo Sharma, Esq.
  • Robert Dawkins, Esq.
  • Kelvin King
  • Kelly McAloon

The following Commissioners were reappointed in November 2020:

  • Angela Hsu, Esq., Board Chair
  • Sugar Yadav, Secretary
  • Travis Stegall

For additional information, please access the below press releases:

October Press Release

November Press Release